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The Law of Demurrage, 5th


Hugo Tiberg, the author of The Law of Demurrage brings to attention the legal and commercial aspects of the demurrage pointing the legal principles and the contractual and liability issues.

The book's content:

  • General Background - The Charterer’s Duties, The Charterer’s Options, Foreseeability, Influence of Customs, Applicable Law.
  • Laytime - The Laytime Obligation, Beginning of the Laytime, Calculation of the Laytime, Excuses, Despatch Calculation, End of the Charterer’s Liability.
  • Demurrage and Damages for Detention – Demurrage, Damages for Detention, The Claim for Demurrage, Demurrage in a Contract of Sale.
  • Appendix - A chart explaining similar/alternative phrases used in this field, Index.

The book was published by Sweet & Maxwell Ltd, in UK on October 2013.

Book: The Law of Demurrage

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