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Dictionary: Black's Law Dictionary 9th


The 9th edition of the law dictionary is a deluxe leather bound edition (thumb-indexed). It has been published by Thomson West in July 2009 and remains one of the most comprehensive summary of legal terms.

Brian Garner has had the brilliant idea to put together the most important, significant or used legal terms and to explain them into a very easy, understandable way, offering more than a dictionary, a “gold standard for the language of law” as the reviews said.

The 9th edition of the dictionary contains definitions of more than 1000 law-related abbreviations and acronyms, also provides alternate spellings or equivalent expressions for more than 5,300 terms.

The information provided as also all the juridical terms have been reviewed and completed by around 200 lawyers as to be everything legally right.

This is definitely a book which any legal professionals should have it in his personal library, a reference book for any time when a better understanding of legal terms is required.

Black's Law Dictionary 9th edition Deluxe Leather Bound Edition (Thumb-Indexed)

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