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Book: International Commercial Arbitration 3rd


The International Commercial Arbitration (the 3rd edition) by Gary Born, was published in January 2009 in Netherlands and there is one of the most comprehensive book regarding the international commercial arbitration.

It a perfect guide through all that means international arbitration agreement and procedures. As a symbol of its value, it was voted by OGEMID (Oil, Gas, Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Dispute) as “International Dispute Resolution Book of the Year 2009”.

Few of the reviews regarding to book:

A splendid treatise on international commercial arbitration which is unsurpassed in the breadth and depth of its exposition and in the acuity of its analysis. It marries the industry of the meticulous scholar with the pragmatic judgment of one of the international arbitration's leading practitioners. A great achievement.

by Stephen Schwebel, former President, International Court of Justice

An undisputed classic (and a) must for counsel, arbitrators, scholars and students.

by Horacio A. Grigera Naon, former Secretary General, ICC International Court of Arbitration

This is an unparalleled book on the law, practice and theory of international commercial arbitration. It explains every aspect of international arbitration with both impressive doctrinal detail and exceptional theoretical acuity, and will be indispensable for both practitioners and academics.

by Professor Jack Goldsmith, Harvard Law School

The Book was published by Kluwer Law International and the (informative) price is USD 455, and it remains a guide for the international arbitration agreement and procedures.

The Book: International Commercial Arbitration 3rd edition

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