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Modern Treaty Law and Practice, 3rd


Anthony Aust, the author of the Modern Treaty Law and Practice provides a wealth of examples of the problems experienced with treaties on a daily basis (precedents and also memorandums of understanding (MOUs)), not just when they are the subject of a court case.

From the summary:

  • Introduction, 1. Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969, 2. What is a treaty?;
  • 3. MOUs, 4. Capacity to conclude treaties, 5. Full powers;
  • 6. Adoption and authentication, 7. Consent to be bound, 8. Reservations;
  • 9. Entry into force, 10. Treaties and domestic, 11. Territorial application;
  • 12. Successive, 13. Interpretation, 14. Third States, 15. Amendment;
  • 16. Duration and termination, 17. Invalidity, 18. The depositary, 19. Registration and publication;
  • 20. Dispute settlement and remedies, 21. Succession to treaties, 22. International organizations, 23. Drafting and final clauses, Appendices.

The book was published by Cambridge University Press in October 2013.

Book: Modern Treaty Law and Practice, 3rd edition

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