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Conference: Law and Society Association Annual ConferenceJune 2016


An abiding theme in law and society scholarship is the relationship between law and social change. Change can arise from many factors including the movement of people with their own traditions and beliefs, and their interaction with the forces of nature that affect the environments in which we live.

The site of the 2016 meeting, New Orleans, embodies as a place the experiences and processes of constant change that lie at the heart of law and society.

Legally, socially, politically and geographically, the city has been a site of constant change, from flowing water and shifting silt as well as from political mobilization over equality, inclusion and exclusion, the blending of different legal traditions, and the boundaries of legal responsibility.

The 2016 Law and Society Meeting will initiate our consideration of these themes of place and change through four plenary sessions that will focus on:

  • Jim Crow, New and Old - race and the constitution of society;
  • Who Belongs, Who Doesn’t – law, citizenship and political economy in the 21st century;
  • Histories of Empire and Legal Pluralism – mixed legal systems around the globe; and,
  • Natural and Unnatural Disasters – human crises and law’s response.


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