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Conference: Legal Marketing Association ConferenceMarch 2017


Attendance to the Legal marketing Association Conference, hold this year in March in Las Vegas, is limited and restricted to in-house law firm participants who are their firm’s top marketing or business development professional.

Pre-registration is required, one participant per firm. If you are interested in attending, please email Kristy Perkins at and add ‘CMO Roundtables’ in the subject line.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the right target for your marketing;
  • Developing a marketing budget;
  • Identifying and addressing diversity barriers;
  • Attracting and retaining diverse professionals;
  • How to get firm buy-in to reorganize and rebuild your team;
  • How to design the department to support your firm’s business strategy and culture;
  • A practical program to implement within your law firm;
  • Key tools to kick-start the program;
  • How firms are allocating their marketing and business development budgets;
  • Which practice areas and industries are targeted for growth etc.

After a busy day of learning, all conference participants are invited to unwind and network in a casual, poolside setting. The ARIA Resort features the ultimate in poolside opulence. Enjoy it!


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