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European Parliament fights against corruption


Parliament urges the Commission to step up the fight against corruption and to bring forward its assessment of anti-corruption efforts in the EU to 2012, sooner than proposed in its anti-corruption package presented in June 2011.

Corruption costs the EU economy €120 billion per year, almost as much as the EU's annual budget. The economic crisis in many EU countries makes anti-corruption measures are all the more urgent.

European Parliament wants:

  • An EU-wide definition of corruption;
  • An EU-wide sanctions, given its cross-border dimension;
  • Harmonised rules on the protection of whistleblowers and the criminalisation of illicit enrichment.

Replying, the Commission has promised to draw up new "anti-corruption reports" that give a clear picture of anti-corruption efforts and achievements, but also point out failures and vulnerabilities across the 27 EU Member States and identify trends and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

The EU Parliament press-room informs that Parliament calls on all EU institutions and Member States to improve transparency by drawing up codes of conduct or improving existing ones, with, as a minimum, clear rules banning conflicts of interest. They should also take action in "preventing and fighting corruption infiltrating politics and the media, including by enhancing transparency and supervision of financing and funding".

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