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Youqi Law Firm

36 Beiyuan Rd., Chaoyang Dist.
No. 2409 Jinyuan Bldg. Beijing, China

Contact details:
Tel: 86-10-59793112
Fax: 86-10-58947206


Premium Lawyer
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Competency areas:

Antitrust & Trade Regulation - Competition Law;  Trade;  
Civil Rights -
Intellectual Property - Copyright;  Licensing Law;  Patents;  Trademark;  
International Law - International Investments;  International Trade;  
Litigation - Business Litigation;  Civil Litigation;  Commercial Litigation;  Corporate Litigation;  

Legal Firm / Attorney-at-Law Description:

Mr. Ma Gaoping is the founder of Youqi Law Firm (Beijing), a lawyer mainly dealing with patent litigation, invalidation, prosecution.

Youqi Law Firm's services cover all phases of patent legal services, such as patent litigation, patent search and analysis, patent invalidation, patent prosecution, patent drafting, licensing, translation, etc.

We provide the following services:

  • legal advice, making advice on contracts or other legal documents;
  • advice concerning Chinese custom;
  • taking part in negotiation and discussion with Chinese companies/individuals;
  • interpreting between Chinese and English;
  • legal counsel;
  • liaison to facilitate the communication between you and Chinese companies/individuals;
  • intellectual property protection;
  • other affairs the clients need

Language proficiency - We have a good command of English, I had a training experience in US. One of our professionals is Chinese-Canadian, who graduated from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Therefore, we can translate legal documents and other documents such as technical papers, and we can work as interpreter and legal counsel to attend the negotiation and discussion.

One of my colleague and I entered the patent legal service industry in 1997, and we both are lawyers with patent agent qualification. We provide high quality services at lower charges, having a very competitive service fee.

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